Story Candles and Goods

12 oz Glass Tumbler


Story Candles and Goods tumblers are made with thick, seamless glass and a solid weight similar to a wine bottle.

Choose from 15 Scents:

  • Forehead Kiss — BEST SELLER!  Notes: Amber and Black Currant
  • Black Venus — Notes: Bergamot and Vanilla
  • Caribbean Pine — Notes: Green Tea and Sea Salt and Smoked Oak
  • Miss Lady — Notes: Cocoa Butter and Vanilla
  • Nectar — Notes: Neroli and Almond and Gardenia
  • Nirvana —  Notes: Amber and Vanilla and Vetiver
  • Ring Finger — Notes: Cherry and Peony and Rose
  • Spa Day — Notes: Bamboo and Oud
  • Hello, Morning — Notes: Balsam, Cedar and Mint
  • Purify — Notes: Lavender and Sage
  • Summer Rain — Notes: Pineapple and Mango and Sage
  • Sweetest Taboo — Notes: Citrus and Sugar
  • Sublime — Notes: Lavender and Lemongrass
  • Vanilla Sunset — Notes: Vanilla and Melon and Cream
  • Wild Hare — Notes: Gin and Juniper and Buttercream

Candle labels may vary.

14 oz net weight
Approx. burn time: 55 hours

H: 4.0625"
W: 3.5"

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