Candle-Making Workshops and Scent Events 

Story Candles and Goods inspires storytelling and nostalgia through scent. Since 2019, we have been … Now we are sharing our passion and letting you in on the process with curated scent events and candle-making workshops.

During this exploration and creation experience, Chinaka A. Young — Story Candles and Goods’ founder and candle maker — will give a brief overview of the brand and candle-making process including:
  • History: How/when Story started? What’s Behind the Name?
  • Wax: What wax is used? What is cold/hot throw?
  • Oils: How do we come up with scents? How much fragrance oil is used? How and when to add fragrance?

    In the candle-making workshop, each participant will learn the steps of the candle-making process, create a custom scent from a curated selection of oils and pour two 6 oz candle to take home. During the events, participants will engage with one another during ice-breaker games and enjoying light fare and cocktails.

    Each event is inclusive of all candle-making materials and supplies needed to create scents and candles. Attendees will also receive 30% off Story Candles and Goods items purchased at the event.

    Ready to explore the world of scent? Send your inquiry to