Our story begins in 2019.

Like at the start of most seasons — in life and nature, I had a spirit of renewal that challenged me to do new things and embrace new experiences. I voyaged to Baltimore (y’all know I don’t leave DC) to take a candle-making class where I asked tons of questions and poured my first candle. From that moment, my obsession with buying candles morphed into a passion for creating them.

I read, researched and re-poured until I curated the right blend of wax, wicks and oils for the birth of my first scent — BAPTISM. I went on to sell my first collection of candles in October 2019 and truly fell in love with the process.

Since then, Story has evolved into a brand that symbolizes authenticity and community. From scent creation; to jar-selection and label design; and hand pouring each candle with love; I execute it all from my home in DC.

Welcome to Story Candles + Goods.


Candle Maker + Owner