Welcome to Story Candles and Goods

The moment we have been waiting for is finally here and I am pumped to introduce you to Story Candles and Goods — hand poured candles and custom goods made in DC.

I really took time to think about what Story is about and while I find myself still tweaking, I know that this brand aims to:

  • Tell stories through scent.
  • Inspire nostalgia.
  • Promote community. 
  • Make a social impact.

Why The Name Change?

The Privy Group was established as a consulting firm, not a candle company, so I began thinking of ways to separate the two while keeping them under the same umbrella.

The strategist in me knew there would be some confusion and that people would scratch their heads looking at @ThePrivyGroup's Instagram page trying to figure out the offerings, so @POUREDbyPrivy was birthed (solely on IG) to create a divide.

Ugh! Not quite enough separation, though.

Present Day

The candle business is growing and my vision for the brands is getting clearer. I am doing all of the legal and professional things in the background needed to bring you brands that just makes more sense...separately.

The Privy Group will be a certified small business really soon and will restore its title as a consulting firm. 

I am really excited about what's the come with Story Candles and Goods. We hope you stick around for the changes and new things we have coming soon.

Creator + Candle Maker 

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Why are you discontinuing Baptism? Was it not selling?

Yolanda April 06, 2021

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